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Your property has been for sale for some time, but without any success so far.
With Luritu your property will not be lost in the middle of thousands of other adds.
Discover our services for you to sell your property for one flat fee till the sale. 
  No intermediaries, and no commission  
  Qualified and selected international buyers. People who will come to visit are interested  
  You will not have any unnecessary calls and visits from 'curious'  
  0% commission on the sale  
  No exclusivity  
  A 100% transaction between person to person, without any intervention from our behalf  
  Hosting on our Company web site, no additional charge  
  No knowledge of programming is needed, we will design your Personal Presentation Page  
  Unlimited property description length for the presentation of your property  
  Several photo galleries, and unlimited photos  
  The future buyers will want to see a maximum of photos before visiting  
  Link to your personal web site (if applicable)  
  Security codes for the sellers-members and the buyers-members, this is to insure the discretion of your sale  
  and total protection of your property and your personal information, and also to avoid 'curious minded people'  
  Only one payment, valid till the sale of your property  
  100 % satisfaction, or full reimbursement guaranteed  
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